5 Spring Break camps for kids to attend this year

art camp
Creative camps and more in our essential list.

By Analiese Dodd

With public schools going out of session soon, there are tons of spring break camps for kids to enjoy over the week. We’ve compiled a list of the best camp options available this spring both in person and online. They’ll keep kids entertained and learning outside of the classroom in a way they won’t forget. Whether your kids are into sports, robots, art or just being outdoors, they’ll find something that fits their interests here.

Sports Camps

Aerial Haven

Ages: 5-12

Who hasn’t dreamed of joining the circus? Aerial Haven is the chance to make that dream a reality with their circus focused spring break camps for kids. They’ll be able to participate in yoga, aerial lessons, tumbling, juggling lessons, balancing, and even more. Your entire family will be able to enjoy their recorded performance at the end of the week to keep the experience immortalized in film. It’s a wildly unique opportunity that your kids will enjoy, and may never get the chance to do again.

Arts Camps

Art Lab

Ages: 6-12

Your kids can practice their painting and other art skills here at Art Lab. They help kids study some of the most influential artists, and use them to inspire kids to create their own work. Over spring break, they’ll be offering a more comprehensive program where kids can explore art from lots of diverse artists with unique styles they can learn from. They are offering courses both online and in person so kids can increase their art skills from anywhere.

STEM Camps


Ages: 3-10

Nory is a STEM program focused on getting kids involved with robotics and science for their school break. Your kids will get the chance to build robots, create engineering structures, explore crazy science experiments, and lots of other exciting STEM activities. These great instructors have created stimulating projects that will enthrall your kids and teach them basic STEM skills that they might not always get in school.

Outdoor Camps

Trail Blazers

Get your kids bundled up for this outdoor experience where they can explore nature and get out of the city. Trail Blazers has overnight camping experience in a beautiful campsite in northern New Jersey (transportation provided from their Brooklyn location), and day camps that take place in Prospect Park during school breaks. They’ll teach your kids about the creatures and plants around them while also giving them an environment to connect with other students outside of the classroom.

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