FBI offers $115,000 for information in 2008 Times Square bombing

The FBI and the NYPD said on Wednesday that they had identified several people of interest in the 2008 Times Square bombing–and the FBI increased the reward amount for information to $115,000.

A bomb exploded early in the morning of March 6, 2008 in the Armed Forces Recruiting Station at West 43rd St. and 7th Ave. According to the FBI, the suspect rode a bicycle to the recruiting station, placed the explosive device and then fled. The bicycle was found in a dumpster on Madison Ave. and 38th St.

It appeared the suspect may have been working alone, although there could have been up to five other individuals involved, the FBI and NYPD said.

The origins of the components of that explosive device have been identified and are under investigation. The explosive device was built with materials commonly found in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Authorities have long believed the bombing could be related to two other bombings, one at the Mexican Consulate in 2007 and one at the British consulate in 2005.

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