70 years ago in The Villager

Oct. 5, 1933

* The “University in Exile” of the New School for Social Research, New York’s “transplanted institution of German higher learning,” formerly began its activities. Eighty students, all college graduates, had enrolled by press time and this number was expected to double. The new school was officially known as the Graduate Faculty of Political and Social Science.

* Jeff, a “mammoth Dane,” owned by the Hon. Alfred E. Smith of 51 Fifth Ave., sired a “record-breaking” litter of 20 puppies. The mother was Theda Bara, II, a Great Dane, from Glens Falls, N.Y. Two of the females died, but the 18 other puppies were doing well. Smith, New York’s former governor and a former Democratic presidential candidate, planned to present one of the male puppies to President Roosevelt.

* The Fighting Village Royal 11 were defeated in the opening game of their football schedule at Littleneck, L.I., by the Long Island Club, 8-0…. Sherman McMillan, former unlimited wrestling champion at Rutgers University, was the new wrestling instructor at Greenwich House.

* The Villager was six months old.