Alligator and 9 boa constrictors rescued from Brooklyn man’s apartment

An alligator and nine boa constrictors were rescued from a Brooklyn man’s apartment Tuesday morning, police said.

The exotic reptiles were found inside 44-year-old Johnnie Morgan’s Atlantic Avenue apartment, near Buffalo Avenue, when police executed a search warrant at about 6 a.m. They also found live ammunition and a small bag of marijuana.

The NYPD Special Operations Division posted photos of the small gator on Twitter, writing that the 81st Precinct “uncovered this beauty plus 9 snakes #Crikey @brooklyn_news.”

Morgan was charged with reckless endangerment, 10 counts of violation of local law, and possession of marijuana.

This was not Morgan’s first run in with the law. Morgan has 17 arrests, including two for similar violations, police said.