Another point of view

To the Editor:
Re David Silver’s letter to the editor, June 15:

What is happening at Southbridge has nothing to do with rentals. We are a middle-income co-op supported by the state. We voted and 66 percent of our co-op voted to do a study and prepare paper work to submit to the state to privatize. We are in that process now. If the state approves we then have to vote on privatization and at least 66 percent of the residents have to vote for privatization for it to happen. In the meantime, residents against it have run a scare campaign to urge residents to vote against privatization. It has nothing to do with Sheldon Silver. Those against have spread lies about what will happen if we vote to approve. I know several other complexes that have voted in favor and have only a slight increase in maintenance, and the complexes look 100 percent better since they have privatized. It is time that Downtown Express shows both points of view.
Phylis Salom