Bill de Blasio sex tape? Vanity Fair hints at it on cover

This has been quite the week for the de Blasios. First they met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, then Bill de Blasio announced major union contracts and now Vanity Fair is hinting about a “Bill de Blasio sex tape” on its cover.

Wait, what?

On Vanity Fair’s January 2015 cover, there a two headlines on billiard balls. The third billiard ball has a headline that is only partially shown. The letters shown are: “ill lasio ex ape!” It doesn’t take a huge stretch of the imagination to string together “Bill de Blasio sex tape!”

The cover was first noticed by The New York Times. A spokesman for the mayor, Rebecca Katz, sent a statement to the Times from First Lady Chirlane McCray that said “Bill de Blasio Spandex Cape? Great idea for Halloween next year!”

Vanity Fair, for its part, told the Times “that’s what you get for letting Kim Kardashian guest edit the cover lines.”

But there’s evidence that suggests it might not be accidental. According to Gawker, the British editions of the magazine said “nr rter ex tape!” The London editor of Vanity Fair is Henry Porter, so the headline could possibly read “Henry Porter sex tape!”

No word yet on how Bradley Cooper feels about being upstaged.