Bleecker pot activist gets out of jail


BY LINCOLN ANDERSON  |  After three years in jail in Wisconsin and Nebraska on pot-trafficking charges, Dana Beal was freed on parole in Nebraska on Wed., Feb. 12.

According to his attorney, Noah Potter, Beal is currently in Omaha. Potter is trying to find a place for Beal to live in New York City that is acceptable to authorities. His former residence at 9 Bleecker St., the longtime Yippie headquarters, was recently vacated due to an ongoing dispute over mortgage payments.

“They don’t want him to stay with a Mexican cartel,” Potter explained. “They want him to stay in a nice, stable environment.”

Beal was arrested after he was caught in the Midwest while transporting marijuana in a duffel bag in a van from the West Coast bound for Michigan and New York City. Beal argued in court that it was all medical marijuana.

Activist John Penley said he was relieved to hear Beal, 67, was released, but that it will be hard for him to find a place to live.

“No one’s going to want him to live with them,” Penley said. “The parole agents can go in any time. Nobody likes government agents coming into their place.”