Sen. Chuck Schumer: Regulations governing cigarettes should also apply to e-cigs

Candy-like flavors should not be marketed towards children.

E-cigarette manufacturers should be banned from making and advertising candy-like flavors that entice children, such as bubble gum, Gummi Bear and Swedish Fish, Sen. Charles Schumer said Sunday.

The same rules prohibiting cigarette manufacturers from marketing to kids, “they should have for e-cigarettes,” Schumer told amNY.

While minors are prohibited from purchasing e-cigarettes in New York, manufacturers nonetheless appeal to kids through marketing, Schumer complained.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration initiated a “foundational” rule to regulate e-cigarettes and additional tobacco products that should be finalized by the end of June, said FDA spokesman Michael Felberbaum.

Schumer wants additional prohibitions against “fun flavors” evoking soft drinks, candies and desserts.

Sheila Anne Feeney