Community mourns death of popular Caribbean DJ in Brooklyn

DJ Trouble was killed in hail of gunfire Tuesday. A memorial is set up near where he was killed. (Photo by Todd Maisel)

The Caribbean community is mourning the death of a 35-year-old popular DJ from Brooklyn who was shot to death near his home early Tuesday morning.

Police identified him as Jomo Glasgow, known as “DJ Trouble” in the East Flatbush Caribbean community. An outpouring for the young man, said to be a father of one child, was evident on Instagram after his death.

Two people were shot in front of 456 East 49 Street. 30-year-old Jomo ‘DJ Trouble’ Glasgow was killed. (Photo by Lloyd Mitchell)

Glasgow was one of two young men shot in a hail of gunfire, Tuesday morning in front of 437 East 49th Street in East Flatbush. Nobody has been arrested in this case as yet. He is one of three people killed this past month in the music and entertainment industry in Brooklyn.

The motive in this shooting is still unclear, but police believe gang violence was behind this and other shootings around the city.

Instagram posting

Police say Glasgow was attending a street barbecue party at the time of the shooting and may have been walking to his car when he and the other man were shot. Bottles of Hennesey bourbon and cups were strewn throughout the street.

One admirer, identified on Instagram as Ronthecity, mourned the loss of  “DJ Trouble” and the ongoing street violence saying, “God you know the works of your people – I pray you carry us in a better mindset – we are weary God – black on black – God, it’s like we hate ourselves.”

Police have till not provided a description of the suspect at this time in this latest shooting, following several nights of shootings in Brooklyn and around the city. However, one woman who came running up to the crime scene shouted, “He was my family – he had two kids,” before running off.

Instagram photo
A memorial was set up for DJ Trouble, shot to death on Tuesday son East 49th Street in East Flatbush. (Photo by Todd Maisel)


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