With heat wave looming, Con Ed says no need to reduce power as of now

Despite the heat wave hitting New York this week, Con Edison said it hasn’t asked customers yet to lower their energy use. The energy company also hasn’t needed to reduced its own power to prevent outages.

A spokesman said yesterday Con Edison is monitoring the city’s electric system, but so far it hasn’t needed residents and businesses to take steps like using their appliances in the evening.

ConEd is promoting tips for New Yorkers to save money and power like keeping curtains closed and cleaning air conditioner filters.

Last week, thousands of Staten Islanders lost power when extreme heat led to equipment failure.

Commuters could also face delays this week since the heat can harm subway and train signals, as well as overhead power lines, the MTA said. There also may be fewer elevators and escalators running, if the MTA has to slash power use. Extra maintenance workers will be on duty to keep air conditioners cooling subway cars.

Railroad trains, meanwhile, may be ordered to go slower, such as those on the New Haven Line. The branch is powered by overhead wires that can sag in high temperatures.

The MTA is asking riders to report any hot cars so workers can repair air conditioners.