Downtown Giants battle Brooklyn across the river


On this warm, sunny Sunday in fall, the Downtown Giants stepped onto the field of the Brooklyn Skyhawks for a Peanut Division game last weekend. Hard hitting and loud yelling in the pregame warm up had players and fans alike psyched for big win, as game captains Ry Cohen, William Watt, Spike Grayson, and Michael Morin led the team in a “We are the Giants,” chant.

Carries by Cohen and Michael Lenahan moved the Giants down field, but not enough to put any points on the board with the tough Skyhawks defense holding the Giants down.

Giant defensive players, Ben Steinberg, Joseph Simmons, Sean O’Toole, John Keyes, and Michael Morin made great tackles, but then the Skyhawks ran it in for a touchdown. Quickly shaking it off, Zachary Traussi quashed the Skyhawks attempt at the extra point. He tackled the quarterback, stripped the ball, and recovered the fumble.

Cohen then got the handoff, swept right, and moved fast to the outside for an 18 yard gain, but ran out of real estate.

The Skyhawks scored another touchdown.

They ran on the first two plays of the second half only to be stopped dead at the line of scrimmage by Jett Villa and James Halbert before the team gave up a long touchdown run. Steinberg stopped the extra point.

Cohen then carried for 20 yards. On the next play, center Enrique Caballero made the snap to quarterback Jack Vernon who handed to Lenahan, who ran 49 yards for the Giants first touchdown of the game. Quarterback Jack Vernon ran the ball over the line for the extra point.

Steinberg tackled hard forcing a Skyhawks fumble, which he recovered.

A few minutes later, Watt, Joseph Simmons, Jett Villa, and Grayson tackled and forced another Skyhawks fumble.

Cohen ran for 50 yards with little time left. “With time for only one more play, Caballero made the snap, Vernon handed off again to Cohen, who faked, ran and was just about over the goal line when he was stopped.

After players and coaches shook hands and the Giants joined for their post game huddle, Coach Frankie reinforced what all the parents and fans felt: “You played hard today and played the best game you have all season. You grew as a team, and it showed in every play you made.” Lenahan received the game ball.