Editorial | A message to the shooters

Did it ever occur to the shooter who gunned down Kyhara Tay, 11, in the Bronx on May 16, 2022 that the shot he fired at a rival would go so horribly wrong?
Photo by Adrian Childress

When you shooters flash a gun at someone and pull the trigger, do you ever stop to think whether you’d miss?

Do you ever consider that the bullet you fire at your foe is going to hit someone else who didn’t have it coming? Someone’s mother or father on their way home from work? Someone’s child?

On Monday afternoon, one of you trigger-happy bastards went to the Bronx and pursued a target of your wrath. You pulled out your gun and you opened fire — but you didn’t hit the person you were trying to kill.

No, you instead fired a bullet that traveled half a block and struck 11-year-old Kyhara Tay as she stood outside. And though the guy you were chasing lives to see another day, that girl didn’t live to see the rest of the night.

Could you imagine the incredible physical pain she endured in the last moments of her life — and the horrific emotional trauma her family will endure for the rest of theirs?

Do you realize the damage you’ve done?

Does it even register with you?

The shame of this murder should haunt you the rest of your days. If you had a shred of dignity and decency, you’d surrender and throw yourself upon the mercy of the court, and accept the punishment meted out — no matter the length of the prison sentence.

There’s no such thing as manslaughter or an accidental death when a reckless, brazen individual fires a gun in New York City. 

Each trigger pull is potential death for somebody — and too often, some innocent person winds up getting hurt, or killed, as a result.

But you knew that when you pulled out your gun while chasing your rival in the Bronx Monday night. You knew that when you opened fire on him. And you knew that as the bullet sailed down the block and fatally pierced the abdomen of an innocent, 11-year-old girl.

If you won’t surrender, the police will find you. We’re confident of that. 

The NYPD is working hard to bust gun criminals, and continues to make hundreds of arrests each month. Nevertheless, the shootings continue and they seem to grow more brazen every time. 

If you think New Yorkers and lawmakers will suffer this much longer, think again. They will support tougher bail reform and gun laws, and they’ll get behind the NYPD, in an effort to stop the rampage of gun violence. We love this city too much to let it fall into the abyss. 

But you can do the city a big favor and put down the damn guns NOW.

And keep them down for good.

Find different, non-lethal ways to resolve your beefs. Don’t allow another innocent mother, father or child to be killed at your hands. 

Put the guns down now. Restore the peace. Stop the bloodshed.