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New York election results: How NYC voted in state races

Gov. Andrew Cuomo swept all five boroughs, according to unofficial Board of Elections results.

Voters wait in line to cast their ballots

Voters wait in line to cast their ballots at the Park Slope Library on Sixth Avenue on Tuesday. Photo Credit: Linda Rosier

Democratic candidates in New York were victorious in the races for the top state offices on Tuesday. 

Gov. Andrew Cuomo won his bid for a third term, Letitia James defeated Keith Wofford to become attorney general and Thomas DiNapoli was re-elected comptroller. 

Here’s a closer look at how the five boroughs voted in each race, according to the Board of Elections’ unofficial results:



Cuomo (D): 89.6%

Molinaro (R): 7.9%

Hawkins (G): 0.9%


Cuomo: 81.3%

Molinaro: 13.3%

Hawkins: 2.7%


Cuomo: 85.4%

Molinaro: 9.8%

Hawkins: 2.3%


Cuomo: 77.6%

Molinaro: 18.1%

Hawkins: 1.7%

Staten Island

Cuomo: 49%

Molinaro: 48%

Hawkins: 0.9%

Attorney General


James (D): 88.4%

Wofford (R): 7.8%

Sussman (G): 0.6%


James: 83%

Wofford: 12.9%

Sussman: 1.2%


James: 85.4%

Wofford: 10.6%

Sussman: 1.4%


James: 76.9%

Wofford: 17.8%

Sussman: 1.1%

Staten Island

Wofford: 47.9%

James: 47.7%

Sussman: 0.8%



DiNapoli (D): 87.3%

Trichter (R): 7.5%

Dunlea (G): 0.8% 


DiNapoli: 81.6%

Trichter: 13.1%

Dunlea: 1.9%


DiNapoli: 84.5%

Trichter: 10.4%

Dunlea: 1.7%


DiNapoli: 77.8%

Trichter: 17.5%

Dunlea: 1.3%

Staten Island

DiNapoli: 50.2%

Trichter: 45.8%

Dunlea: 0.7%

Democrats swept the Senate races this year, with at least six new senators elected to represent parts of the city. In District 22, Democrat Andrew Gounardes is leading the vote tally over Republican Martin Golden, who has not conceded the race.

Here's how New Yorkers voted in contested Senate races, according to the Board of Elections’ unofficial results:

Senate District 11 (Queens)

John Liu (D): 51.7%

Vickie Paladino (R): 23.5% 

Simon H. Minching (C): 1.4%

Tony Avella (I): 19%

Senate District 13 (Queens)

Jessica Ramos (D): 80.2%

Jose R. Peralta (I): 9.1%

Senate District 15 (Queens)

Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. (D): 61.6%

Thomas P. Sullivan (C): 33.9%

Senate District 16 (Queens)

Toby Ann Stavisky (D): 79.3%

Vincent J. Pazienza (Reform): 3.78% 

Senate District 17 (Brooklyn)

Simcha Felder (D, R): 81.8%

Jumaane Williams (W): 12.8%

Luis Rivera (Reform): 1.4%

Senate District 19 (Brooklyn)

Roxanne J. Persaud (D): 86.9%

Jeffrey J. Ferretti (R): 9.93%

Senate District 20 (Brooklyn)

Zellnor Myrie (D): 88.1%

Jesse Hamilton (I): 6.92%

Senate District 21 (Brooklyn)

Kevin S. Parker (D): 93.47%

Brian W. Kelley (C): 2.89%

Senate District 22 (Brooklyn)

Andrew Gounardes (D): 49.79%

Martin Golden (R): 47.99%

Senate District 23 (Brooklyn, Staten Island)

Diane Savino (D): 66.45%

David Krainert (R): 26.89%

Jasmine L. Robinson (W): 3.18%

Senate District 26 (Brooklyn, Manhattan)

Brian Kavanagh (D): 84.12%

Anthony Arias (R): 10.69%

Stuart J. Avrick (C): 0.96%

Senate District 28 (Manhattan)

Liz Krueger (D): 80.13%

Peter Holmberg (R): 17.96%

Senate District 29 (Manhattan, Bronx)

Jose M. Serrano (D): 88.83%

Jose A. Colon (R): 6.56%

Senate District 31 (Manhattan)

Robert Jackson (D): 85.98%

Melinda Crump (R): 5.98%

Marisol Alcantara (I): 4.75%

Senate District 32 (Bronx)

Luis Sepulveda (D): 91%

Patrick Delices (R): 3.25%

Migdalia Denis (C): 0.62%

Pamela Stewart-Martinez (Reform): 0.83%

Senate District 33 (Bronx)

J. Gustavo Rivera (D): 91.31%

Nicole J. Torres (R): 4.06%

Steven M. Stern (C): 0.59%

Senate District 34 (Bronx, Westchester)

Alessandra Biaggi (D): 73.59%

Richard A. Ribustello (R): 14.76%

Antonio Vitiello (C): 1.75%

Jeff Klein (I): 7.15%

Senate District 36 (Bronx, Westchester)

Jamaal T. Bailey (D): 92.21%

Robert L. Diamond (C): 2.07%


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