Electric car charging station expansion coming to New York, Gov. Cuomo says

Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to see less exhaust and more electricity on the roads.

He announced a goal Sunday to create more charging stations on New York roads and committed to installing 69 of them throughout the New York Thruway. The 570-mile highway only has four charging stations for electric car drivers, who would be forced to exit to find a station during long trips.

Cuomo said a stronger infrastructure for these vehicles will lead to a higher adoption rate among drivers and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. There were 2,600 electric cars registered in New York state last year, according to the DMV.

Cuomo’s office said it is also working on an incentive program to get more businesses to install stations in their parking lots.

In November, the City Council voted on a pilot program to install public charging stations throughout the city. Twenty-five chargers are slated to be installed for the pilot.

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