Elmhurst tenants turned 3 bedrooms into 10, landlord claims

A Queens landlord said his tenants turned a three-bedroom apartment into a 10-room Airbnb rental, PIX11 reported

Landlord Eddie Shiew said that he rented the third floor of his Elmhurst home to Burak Firik and Dogan Kimilli, who then started construction on their $2,500 per month apartment shortly after signing the lease.

The tenants divided each room into three rooms without Shiew’s permission, then listed the rooms on Airbnb.com, Shiew alleged. Shiew tore down the renovations and changed the locks, but his tenants were able to return after they got a court order against him.

And they haven’t let the ordeal set back their Airbnb business: Birik and Kimilli are now dividing the rooms using curtains, PIX11 reported.

Shiew is trying to evict the two tenants.