‘Fearless Girl’ statue removed from Bowling Green

The “Fearless Girl” is on her way to her new home at the New York Stock Exchange. 

The bronze statue, standing at about 4 feet tall, was removed from its spot across from the “Charging Bull” in Bowling Green Tuesday night, according to the State Street Global Advisors, the investment company that owns the statue.

The statue, which appeared across from the bull in March 2017, will be installed on Wall Street by Dec. 31, the company said. 

In place of the “Fearless Girl,” the State Street Global Advisors put a plaque that has two footprints, encouraging people to “stand for her.”

The statue was meant to shed light on the lack of gender diversity on corporate boards and was quickly beloved by New Yorkers and tourists. It was only expected to stay for a week, but due to its popularity, Mayor Bill de Blasio extended the permit, allowing it to stay for more than a year.

De Blasio announced the plan to relocate the statue in April, saying the new location would maintain the statue’s symbolism and offer a more pedestrian-friendly area than Bowling Green. 

The statue also had its critics, including the artist behind the “Charging Bull,” who accused State Street Global Advisors of using the “Fearless Girl” to advertise one of its funds.

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