Fidi leads city in parking citations

Wikimedia Commons / Alex Proimos
The city issued a whopping 118,289 parking tickets to cars in Fidi last year, the highest tickets-per-spot ratio of any neighborhood in the city.


Cops ticketed cars parked in the Financial District more intensively last year than anywhere in the city, a new study found.

Manhattan meter maids handed out 25 tickets per parking spot in Fidi, edging out the Upper East Side — where cops handed out 24 citations per spot — according to the study published by SpotAngels, which helps drivers find parking in the city.

On the other end of the spectrum, cops only wrote six tickets per spot in Harlem and nine tickets per spot in Washington Heights.

The city stuck Fidi drivers with 118,289 parking tickets last year, costing them an average of $89.10 each, with the city raking in a grand total of $10,537,175 in fines last year throughout the neighborhood.

Fidi didn’t generate the most money for the city — the Upper East Side enjoyed that dubious distinction, generating $33,193,180 in revenue for municipal coffers — but Fidi’s parking was spot-for-spot the most heavily fined, with each one generating $2,219 for the city last year.

Battery Park City motorists also made the study’s highlight reel, with each citation handed out in the coastal community costing drivers an average $101 — higher than any other neighborhood, and more than 20-percent more expensive than the Manhattan average.

All in all, the city handed out $440,371,030 in fines throughout all boroughs, with Manhattan drivers paying the lion’s share, with a total of $200,344,785, most commonly for leaving their cars in no-standing zones.