Look inside the first-ever Sour Patch Kids store opened in Noho

Sour Patch Kids Store, 8.6.2020 – photo by Andrew Werner, AHW_1662
Photo by Andrew Werner

A brand new store dedicated to a beloved sour candy is opening up in Noho.

The popular candy chain IT’SUGAR is teaming up Mondelēz International to open the first-ever Sour Patch Kids store. The store, located at 665 Broadway, will be open daily from 12 to 8 p.m.

“It’s incredibly exciting to collaborate with Mondelēz International as we launch the World’s First Sour Patch Kids branded Store,’” said Jeff Rubin, CEO of IT’SUGAR. “The concept behind this store is about bringing the beloved Sour Patch Kids brand to life through exclusive products and unique experiences.”

The store will feature a wide range of colorful, limited-edition merchandise such as mugs, t-shirts, socks and beach totes featuring everyone’s favorite candy Kids.

Visitors will get a chance to create their own candy mix, pose with the Kids inside a full-size yellow taxi, and experience a first-of-its-kind Sour Patch Kids Sweets Bar with treats to-go, offering sweet offerings such as smoothies, ice cream, cookies, edible cookie dough made in collaboration with DŌ and more.

The Sour Patch Kids store will be limiting capacity amid the pandemic and all visitors will be required to wear face coverings. The Sweets Bar will only offer a to-go menu until the city allows indoor dining again. Tongs and scoops at the candy mixing stations will be regularly sanitized, and visitors who want to create their own candy mix are required to use disposable gloves.

“We’re excited for the Kids to bring their playful, sour-then-sweet attitude to the Big Apple and make their mark with the first-ever Sour Patch Kids store,” said Danielle Freid, brand manager of Sour Patch Kids brand. “We created this new experience for our fans to engage with the Sour Patch Kids brand on a whole new level, but of course understand that these are uncertain times. With this store as our new permanent home, we want our fans to know that the Kids aren’t going anywhere. We welcome visitors to join us for a colorful, flavorful experience whenever they’re ready to explore the city again. The Kids will be waiting!”

For more information about the new Sour Patch Kids Store at sourpatchkids.com/store_nyc.

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