Gas guzzlers to beer guzzlers

Photo by Lincoln Anderson

Houston Hall, a new Bavarian-style beer hall, is getting set to open inside a former garage on West Houston St. between Varick St. and Sixth Ave. A contractor at the site a few weeks ago said the huge, exposed, wooden ceiling beams were already in place from the space’s previous use, and that they just stripped them of paint. A cobblestone-like, suds splash-ready floor was also being installed when a reporter popped in for a look. Asked if there would be live music, the contractor said no. But a woman — not a contractor, but who looked like she might be a bartender at the place when it opens — said with a broad grin that they’ll definitely be serving beer, “a lot of beer.” Since the above photo was taken, more beer garden-ish touches have been added, including red-and-white striped shutters and solid-looking, wooden doors that appear like they could have come from some castle, or at least the set of “Young Frankenstein.”