Gmail passwords and addresses posted on Russian Bitcoin forum

Up to 5 million passwords and addresses allegedly were leaked.

It might be time to commit to another password.

Up to 5 million Gmail passwords and addresses were posted on a Russian Bitcoin forum on Tuesday. But don’t panic yet: reports indicate the information posted is old.

If you are worried, you can check the aptly-named blog Is my email leaked (isleaked.com/en) to see if your information was leaked.

The full list appeared to be removed by Wednesday.

A senior Google spokesman told Mashable that they had seen “no evidence” their systems had been hacked, and security experts said it could be likely the the password hack is the result of a phishing scam.

But Google still recommends users set up a two-step verification process to protect your passwords.

After a high-profile data breach at Home Depot this week, many seemed weary about this latest breach. “Another day, another million passwords hacked. It’s probably a good time to change your Gmail logins,” tweeted geekfitgirl.


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