Google Docs phishing scam takes Twitter by storm

A Google Docs phishing scam is being investigated by parent company Alphabet Inc.
A Google Docs phishing scam is being investigated by parent company Alphabet Inc. Photo Credit: Katie Burton

If you haven’t already heard by now, there was a major Google Doc phishing scam that had social media buzzing Wednesday afternoon.

After the masses took to Twitter starting around 3 p.m., Alphabet Inc. warned its users to beware of emails from known contacts asking them to click on a link to Google Docs.

In the email, users are asked to click on a link to view a document, which provides the hackers access to the contents of their Google accounts, including email, contacts and online documents, according to security experts who reviewed the scheme.

Even the Google Doc Twitter account sent out a warning: “We are investigating a phishing email that appears as Google Docs. We encourage you to not click through & report as phishing within Gmail.”

Early on, many Twitter users simply offered warnings or advice on what to do if you already clicked on the Google Doc. About three hours after the first tweets came in, “Google Doc” was the second top trending item in the country.

But despite the seriousness of the scam, it didn’t take long for the Twitter comedians to come out of the woodwork.

From jokes about not being included to remembering to tell mom and dad, the Twitterverse just couldn’t help but to show its witty side.

“You know you’re unimportant when you don’t get the Google Docs phishing scam in your inbox. [😔]” tweeted Brett.

“I didn’t know a Nigerian Prince ran ‘Google Docs,’ ” joked Chris Dmytriw‏.

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Google said it had taken steps to protect users from the attacks by disabling offending accounts and removing malicious pages.

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