Hater app data reveals cynical Manhattanites despise pigeons

It’s no secret that New Yorkers love to complain, and there’s even a dating app to prove it.

The “Hater” app matches up singles based on shared dislikes instead of shared interests, and CEO Brendan Alper said New Yorkers are loving the “hate” approach.

So what are on the five boroughs’ most-hated lists?

According to Hater data, Brooklynites hate “people who think Manhattan is the best,” while Manhattanites most despise “pigeons.” Queens residents disdain “friends that ask you to help them move,” and the Bronx can’t stand “Anthony Bourdain.”

What can Staten Island really do without? “Broad City.”

“NYC is one of our most active cities. Lots of cynics with a good sense of humor here,” Alper said. “A hater reached out to me this week to say she and her partner bonded over the fact that they both hated expensive cocktails but loved tacos. So they went to a taco spot and had their fill of $1 modelos.”

Alper said the idea for Hater came from a comedy sketch he was working on. The more he pondered it, the more he thought it actually might work. Based on user feedback, Alper said the Hater approach gets past superficial small talk and gets people discussing what they most enjoy talking about: things they can’t stand.

“People have a great sense of humor on Hater,” he said. “So more often that not, discussing what we hate is just a great springboard for a funny conversation.”