NYPD, FDNY baseball teams act out ‘Sandlot’ scene to promote matchup

“Be there, buffalo-butt breath.”

Acting out a scene from “The Sandlot,” players on the NYPD and FDNY baseball teams traded cheeky insults in a video promoting the annual Heroes Baseball Classic.

The teams reenacted the scene from the 1993 movie in which the sandlot kids are confronted by a rival group. The NYPD team acted as the sandlot kids, while the FDNY team acted as the rivals, riding onto the field on bicycles.

“You shouldn’t be allowed to touch a baseball,” the leader of the rival group yells at the Ham Porter character in the scene. “We’ll take you on, right here! Right now!” Porter yells back.

The officers and firefighters changed a few of the lines (“you play ball like a girl” became “you play ball like a land pirate”), but mostly stayed on script and ended with a tease of the 19th annual Heroes Baseball Classic, a charity game that will take place Friday night at MCU Park in Brooklyn.

“Be there, buffalo-butt breath,” the FDNY player yells.

“Count on it, pee-drinking crapface,” the NYPD player yells back.

Nicole Brown