Immigrants are boosting the New York economy, state report says

More and more immigrants are chasing the New York dream and they’re boosting the economy in the process, according to a report released Wednesday.

As of 2014, 4.4 million immigrants have come to New York state, second only to 10.3 million in California, a report by State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli said.

New York City had the largest concentration of immigrants in the state, as they made up one third of the city’s entire population, according to the report, which analyzed census data.

“Our report found that most immigrants in New York are well-educated and actively participate in the workforce,” DiNapoli said in a statement. “Their rich diversity of cultures and experiences help make our state strong.”

The labor force participation for state immigrants over 16 years old was 65.4 percent two years ago, 2 percent higher than the state average, and the immigration unemployment rate was 0.6 percent lower than the state average.

In New York City, the immigrant workforce is spread among various job sectors, with the majority working in education and health, followed by trade, transportation and utilities, and then the leisure and hospitality industries.

“Immigrants are helping to maintain and grow the skilled work force that is necessary for a strong economy,” the report concluded.