January 2016 blizzard officially snowiest in city’s history: NOAA

January’s blustery blizzard was a record one.

The snowfall, from January 22 to 23, totaled 27.5 inches, an all time high in the city’s history, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Thursday.

“Snow measurements are extremely difficult to take because precipitation is inherently variable, a problem compounded by strong winds and compaction during a long duration event,” National Weather Service Director Louis Uccellini said in a statement.

“Still, it’s important that we scrutinize questionable measurements and reject those that scientists deem invalid to ensure the public’s continued confidence in the U.S. climate record.”

The total was originally recorded at only 26.8 inches, but increased after a communication error between the Central Park Conservancy and the weather forecast office in Upton, NY, was found to have affected the recording.

The Conservancy volunteers to record the totals.

The last highest snowfall totals were 10 years ago, when 26.9 inches were recorded on Feb 12, 2006.

The storm brought whiteout conditions and saw Gov. Andrew Cuomo issue a travel ban. And area airports had almost 6,000 flights canceled or delayed, according to an analysis by the Global Gateway Alliance.

While the blizzard was certainly the snowiest the city has ever seen, as a whole this winter was the second warmest on record, the National Weather Service has said.