Kathryn Freed becomes a judge


Former City Councilmember Kathryn Freed was formally sworn in as a Civil Court Judge for the Second Municipal Court District on Monday afternoon at 111 Centre St. In photo at right, Democratic District Leader Adam Silvera, a friend and an attorney with Weitz, Klenick & Weitz, LLP, chaired the program, while Judge Fern Fisher, at left, did the swearing in. Among speakers were Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields and Councilmembers Margarita Lopez and Alan Gerson. Freed faced no opposition in her race, not even a Democratic primary, since the four other candidates all felt her name recognition was insurmountable. Freed was Councilmember for the First District for 10 years, representing Lower Manhattan, Tribeca, Soho, part of the Central Village, the Lower East Side and part of the East Village. Although she’s a Civil Court judge for the Second District, which mainly covers the Lower East Side, Freed may be assigned to Criminal Court and even to other boroughs.

Villager photos by Ramin Talaie