Kittens found in suitcase in Williamsburg ready for adoption, ASPCA says

A pair of kittens were ready for a new home Tuesday, three months after being tossed inside a suitcase over a Williamsburg fence.

The 4-month-old gray kittens, Oxsana and Albina, were inside the suitcase along with five other babies. Now, the sisters are inseparable.

“Oxsana is more outgoing and enjoys playing with humans and purring while being cuddled in your lap. Albina is a little more reserved and our staff is teaching her how to enjoy being petted and picked up,” Marny Nofi, a manager of the ASPCA’s Anti-Cruelty Feline Behavior, said in a statement.

“Both are very playful with toys and each other. You’ll often catch them hiding behind objects and pouncing on each other when the other isn’t looking.”