Knicks NBA Draft night recap: amRush Sports podcast episode 1

amRush Sports podcast discusses the Knicks NBA Draft night

amRush Sports: an amNew York Podcast

Eric Samulski (@SamskiNYC), Joe Pantorno (@JoePantorno), Nick Faria (@Nick_Faria1720), and Aidan Graham (@AidanGraham95), use the inaugural episode of amRush Sports to break down everything from Thursday’s NBA Draft. They digest what the Knicks actually did, why they might have done it, and what they think about it before tackling some of their favorite picks of the first round.

They then close by discussing what’s next this offseason for both New York teams as well as breaking down the Knicks 2nd round pick live as it airs.

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amRush Sports: Episode 1

(Recorded on June 24th )

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