Letters to the Editor

Keep communities safe

To The Editor:

Preserving public safety is the government’s number one responsibility and it should remain our first priority, even in times of economic constraint. New York City is, however, about to lose 20 fire companies due to budget cuts. This decision will increase the response time of our firefighters and make our neighborhoods less safe.

Since we do not yet know which fire companies are being targeted, firehouses in your community may be at risk. This means that your community may be less safe after a budget is approved. These cuts are unacceptable. In the first quarter of this year alone our firefighters responded to over 12,000 emergencies. Emergencies don’t care about budget cuts.

The City will approve a new budget before June 30th.  I urge you to sign on to the online petition calling on the Mayor to reverse proposed cuts to the NYFD at www.advocate.nyc.gov/petition-fire-houses.

With your help, we can preserve public safety across the City while we have the chance.

Bill de Blasio

Public Advocate for the City of New York

Nightmare on Fulton St.

To The Editor:

Lorraine Fittipatti, you are right about all the rats and it is getting worse. Lorraine, are you the same person who wrote last year when we complained about the students from Murry Bergtraum and you said we were wrong and that they are very respectful students and are not vicious or menacing? Well, if you are the same Lorraine, did you stop by 77 Fulton Street and see how we have to live? Because of your students from Murry Bergtraum terrorizing us we have had to install bars outside of Burger King where we used to be able to sit and socialize. When these students reach Fulton Street they are on a rampage and anyone in their way gets hurt. In fact, in one recent incident a person was beaten up and sent to the hospital for broken ribs.

If I’m not mistaken, Lorraine, I believe you work at Murry Bergtraum as an aide, so you have to butter up to those students. If you are that Lorraine Fittipatti be careful of the rats, as they might gang up on you and hurt you as your well respected, whatever you call them, students did to people here at Southbridge.

Madeline Cassarino

Southbridge Towers Senior Citizen

Get it straight

To The Editor:

The Seward Park Library is not – not in Chinatown. Who edited Aline Reynolds’ piece in the June 11 – 17 issue of the Downtown Express? Both the writer and the editor should take a little field trip to see that Seward Park is part of the Lower East Side, notwithstanding the steady and welcome expansion of “Chinatown” Lower Eastside ward.

How many Downtown Expressers know where Downtown is?

P.S. Bravo for “Pins and Needles.”

Jerry Rodman

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