Letters to The Editor, Week of July 21, 2016

Letters to The Editor, Week of Jan. 3, 2018

Power to the poles!

To The Editor:

“ ‘Mosaic Man’ is getting back into pole position” (news article, July 7):

It’s great that this original, legendary icon of the L.E.S. is getting some respect. While “Uptown” art sells for millions of dollars, this bottom-up style art is appreciated by millions of viewers.

Thanks for the update. It’s gratifying to know that the efforts of the community are being recognized and that the work of Jim Power will continue to represent the authentic, renegade spirit of Downtown.

Jeff Wright


Predicts pain on Jane

To The Editor:

Re “That’s more like it! L.P.C. slams Jane towers plan; ‘Doesn’t fit’ historic district” (news article, July 14):

I’m concerned that this “victory” bodes ill for the other garage, at 11 Jane St., which fits seamlessly into the context of the block now and should be preserved. But the building was sold and a design proposed by a famous architect, so I predict that the trade-off is that “my” garage will be sacrificed to development.

It would be a mistake on so many levels, never mind the new building that would ultimately result. Think of the detrimental effect of a lengthy demolition on a short block that’s home to thriving businesses.

Kathryn Adisman


Swami’s reach was huge

To The Editor:

Re “It’s no stretch to say Integral Yoga Institute, at five decades, was a bridge to yoga craze” (news article, July 14):

I don’t know, I could have sworn it was Conrad Rooks, of the film “Chappaqua,” who brought Swami Satchidananda to the U.S.

The impact of Swami’s teachings is way greater than this article begins to say. One of his students was Dean Ornish, and much of Ornish’s orientation toward medicine came from the swami’s teachings. Medicare now covers the Ornish program in a number of states — which enables people to heal heart disease through diet, exercise and meditation — once unthinkable.

The swami was also the first teacher since perhaps Yogananda in the 1930s to bring hatha (sun and moon — not hot and cold!) yoga to the West.

Miriam Gopi Weinstein


Cyclists gone wild

To The Editor:

Re “Street-hollering woman: It’s just the way I roll” (notebook, by Kathleen Rockwell Lawrence, July 7):

Kudos to Ms. Lawrence. Verbal abuse is rampant among bicyclists, and their behavior is usually worse.

Not only have I been missed by inches countless times by riders running red lights and/or going against traffic (and not in bike lanes); not only have I often seen an elderly man with a beard charging through pedestrians as they crossed W. Eighth St. and Sixth Ave. while they had the walk light; but I was lucky on one occasion not to be badly hurt:

A few years ago, I was crossing Prince St. after looking both ways. It’s a one-way street, with traffic driving west. A bike driver heading east ran into me, knocking me down. The bruise on my right thigh where his bike hit me took longest to heal, but what hurt most was my right ear, where his helmet had struck me. Needless to say, he took off, and I had no way to report him.

Maybe it’s time for mandatory license plates on bicycles.

Alice Connorton


Otis has seen it all

To The Editor:

Re “My life and the changing Village over the years: Part I” (notebook, by Otis Kidwell Burger, July 14):

Love it! She’s really seen it all, or her family has!

Jane Heil

Green heaven

To The Editor:

Re “Bursting with flowers, LaGuardia Gardens is getting lots of buzz; Composting also in the mix” (picture story, July 14):

I tasted some of that lavender honey! Heavenly. So is the garden. Lovely article.

Peggy McLoughlin

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