Lincoln Anderson, Editor in Chief

As Publisher of The Villager I am pleased to announce that Lincoln Anderson has been named Editor in Chief of The Villager and East Villager & Lower East Sider newspapers.

Since 1998 when Lincoln joined The Villager he has honorably upheld a 75-plus-year tradition for “going deep” in covering the best neighborhood in the world, the Village and the whole Downtown area. He brings a well-honed talent for uncovering local stories that must be told and a reputation for delivering news fairly and thoroughly. In 2010 he helped extend The Villager’s unique brand of journalism across town with the launch of The East Villager & Lower East Sider.

The neighborhoods of the West Village and East Village are well served by someone of Lincoln’s caliber being so committed to community journalism. Over the years he has developed a readership that consistently demonstrates trust and respect for his work. Lincoln is famous for his illuminating, quirky headlines, his attention-grabbing ledes, outstanding only-in-The-Villager quotes, granular details and often pioneering story angles.

The Villager and the East Villager & Lower East Sider, because of Lincoln’s craftwork, are must-reads. New York City and State politicians, local community leaders and neighbors across town rely on his insight.

Being appreciated by readers and community leaders is only half the story. The quality of Lincoln’s work is regularly celebrated by peers and industry leaders, witnessed by more than 100 awards for the paper from the New York Press Association: writer of the year, best headlines, best photos in the state, best op-ed page, best business coverage, best obituaries, best news story, best sports feature, best column, spot news photos, art photos, picture story — and of course the list would not be complete without best newspaper in New York State as awarded on three separate occasions.

During the short time I have been Publisher of The Villager and East Villager & Lower East Sider, Lincoln Anderson has reflected the hard work, knowledge and ethical standards one would hope to find in an Editor in Chief.

But the credit for finding and growing this young reporter into a great editor goes to my predecessors, the two publishers who worked with Lincoln throughout his time at The Villager: Elizabeth Butson and John Sutter.
Jennifer Goodstein

I am delighted to hear about Lincoln’s promotion to Editor in Chief of The Villager. It is well deserved.

From the day Tom and I hired him as a young talented reporter Lincoln hit the ground running. Our editorial policy was single-minded: Good journalism makes the community it serves a better place. Raise the bar in reporting. Report fairly and accurately. A newspaper’s biggest asset is its reputation. Keep the reader interested no matter what you are writing about.

Our message fueled Lincoln’s insatiable appetite to deliver every week several well-written news stories that performed a public service to the community,stories that dug deeply for the truth behind complex issues, human interest stories, neighborhood drama, you name it.

Lincoln never hangs up when the phone rings. It can be the next great award-winning story for the paper. Tom would have been proud of you today Lincoln. I send you my heartfelt congratulations from both of us.
Elizabeth Margaritis Butson
Publisher, 1992-1999

It was a joy and inspiration working with Lincoln for the 13 years that I was at Community Media. Lincoln has a burning desire to get out there and tell the story. He always tries to get the best attainable version of the truth. He knows what information in our community is significant, and he can contextualize it and explain its meaning. He has built deep networks of informants who trust that he will put the story out fairly and accurately. He writes beautifully and fast. He is among the best writers and editors in community journalism today, and Lower Manhattan is fortunate to have him on its beat.
John W. Sutter
Publisher 1999-2012

Please join the entire team at NYC Community Media in congratulating Lincoln Anderson on his well-deserved promotion!

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