Live in New Jersey? No way, New Yorkers say

Gov. Chris Christie’s entreaty to overtaxed New Yorkers to join him west of the Hudson has some Big Apple denizens saying "no thanks,"-to put it nicely.

A spokeswoman for mayor-elect Bill de Blasio in response called Christie’s criticism of his tax policy a "political stunt."

Other stalwart New Yorkers were not as kind.

Curtis Sliwa, the red beret-wearing radio host and Guardian Angels founder, dismissed Christie’s remarks as a ploy to cover for his economic record in a state with an 8.5% unemployment rate.

"People won’t even leave New York to go to Florida where it’s warm in the winter," Sliwa said during a phone interview while in Hoboken. "Why the hell would they go to a swamp in northern New Jersey?"

Sliwa joked that Gov. Andrew Cuomo should use the New York Army National Guard to block attempts to steal business and residents from the state.

"We should just basically seize northern New Jersey, since all of these people earn their living in New York City anyway," he added.

Author Malachy McCourt, said that "reasonably intelligent" folks would prefer to stay in New York.

"All my dreams have come true in New York and I know bloody well they wouldn’t come true in New Jersey," he said.

Kenny Kramer, the inspiration for Cosmo Kramer’s character on "Seinfeld," praised de Blasio’s plan to increase taxes on high-earners in New York City to finance early education. He also said New York’s excitement is unparalleled.

"New Jersey has no panache whatsoever," he said. "What does New Jersey have to offer, south Philly?"