‘Monroe Madam’ kin: Hoping for release today

After four months at Rikers, the alleged “Monroe Madam” may have reached her goal to become a free woman Monday.

Family members say they have rounded up the $250,000 bond needed to free Anna Gristina, 44, who has been in jail since her February arrest for allegedly running a $10 million prostitution ring out of a Manhattan apartment.

A panel of judges lowered the Gristina’s $2 million bond last week to $250,000 bond or $125,000 cash. She will also be required to wear an electronic ankle bracelet.

The bond is apparently being made available with the help of her former lawyer, Peter Gleason, who has indicated his willingness to post his $2.5 million apartment as a bond on behalf of the mother of four.

Gristina has insisted she was simply providing a dating service for wealthy men that she hoped would eventually rival Match.com.

Her husband, Kelvin Gorr, has complained that her bail was set at an unrealistically high level by the court in an effort to make her surrender the names of her prominent clients.

Gristina is the ex-wife of a Putnam County politician who lives in southern Orange County with her husband and her four children. Gristina’s case has attracted media attention in part because of her bucolic suburban lifestyle, which includes caring for potbelly pigs as part of a rescue program she helps run.

She faces up to seven years in prison if convicted of promoting prostitution.