NBA World sounds off on Knicks ’22 Draft Strategy: “Disgusted, Annoyed, and Ticked Off”

Knicks draw the ire of fans everywhere for draft strategy
New York Knicks forward Obi Toppin (1) looks out at the crowd after an NBA basketball game against the Toronto Raptors, Sunday, April 10, 2022 in New York. (AP Photo/Jessie Alcheh)

The New York Knicks had the entire sports world puzzled after the NBA draft on Thursday night.

After the Knicks were unable to find a deal for Purdue guard Jaden Ivey, New York then traded out of the first round to acquire more picks, and dump Kemba Walker’s salary. 

Except that’s the simplified version. 

In reality, the Knicks sent five total picks and Kemba Walker to Detroit in order save $9 million in cap space to accordingly go “all-in” to acquire Jalen Brunson.

It was a confusing hour of fans of the Knickerbockers who tried to make sense of the team’s draft strategy. In reality, the NBA world and Knicks fans alike criticized the thought-process of what New York was trying to do.

WTF are the Knicks doing” tweeted out CBS Sports Radio host, Adam Schein. 

WFAN host Brandon Tierney was also quick to voice his displeasure.Going to let it all play out tonight before I explode. But if nothing changes, EXPLODE I WILL.

Stephen A. Sounds off on Knicks

While there were plenty of other analysts who questioned the thought-process of New York, none compare to the reaction Stephen A. Smith gave on draft night. 

Stephen A. is a Knicks fan with historical rants against the team over the last decade. Last night was no exception. 

“They were the one team that had a pick in the draft that walked away with absolutely, positively nothing.” Smith said following the draft. “New York fans continue to suffer…we don’t know what on earth is going to happen with those future picks or free agency.”

Smith later went on to speak on behalf of all Knickerbocker fans everywhere. 

“Speaking on behalf of New Yorkers everywhere who love the New York Knicks, we are disgusted, annoyed, and ticked off beyond comprehension.”

Earlier in the draft, before the team had traded their pick, film producer Spike Lee joined Stephen A. on the show and both sat and prayed for New York to make the right selection. 

Instead New York punted the 2022 draft away in the hopes of landing top free agents. 

Another draft has come and gone and now free agency awaits Leon Rose and hist staff. But the fans in New York are not pleased with what happened on draft night. 

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