New Spectrum learning lab opens at Central Family Life Center in Staten Island

CFLC Ribbon Cutting

A new Spectrum Learning Lab has opened at Central Family Life Center, Inc. (CFLC), a Stapleton-based nonprofit organization that seeks to improve the lives and environment of the Staten Island community.

The celebration of the new Spectrum Learning Lab was marked with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at CFLC’s Staten Island headquarters at 59 Wright St. on April 8. In attendance were New York City Councilmember Debi Rose, Staten Island District Attorney Michael McMahon, Ruben Sibri, Deputy Chief of Staff for New York State Assemblymember Charles D. Fall, leaders from CFLC and Spectrum.

The Spectrum Learning Lab at CFLC is one of 40 Learning Labs that Spectrum has committed to opening at nonprofit and community organizations across New York City. As part of the Learning Labs, Spectrum provides state-of-the-art technology, peripheral equipment and Internet access to local and community organizations at no charge. The company’s commitment includes Spectrum Internet and TV services, computer equipment and software, flat-screen HDTVs and other furnishings.

The Spectrum Learning Lab at CFLC will be a key asset for the community. CFLC provides children, seniors, at-risk youth and families with services and opportunities to improve their overall well-being. CFLC’s goal is to promote self-reliant, emotionally and physically balanced environments through programs focused on education, training, counseling, job placement, and leadership.

“Spectrum is proud to partner with Central Family Life Center to provide the state-of-the-art technologies needed in order for community members to learn the digital skills to be competitive in today’s rapidly changing world,” said Camille Joseph-Goldman, Spectrum’s Group Vice President of State Government Affairs. “Through Spectrum Learning Labs, the possibilities of growth and exploration are limitless.”

“Providing meaningful avenues for equality in learning is key to the success of our future generations,” said Dr. Demetrius Carolina, CFLC’s Executive Director. “The Central Family Life Center is proud of our partnership with Spectrum in securing ongoing opportunities for educational support for area youth by way of our state-of-the-art learning lab. The future looks bright due to these types of collaborations.”

Through the Spectrum Learning Lab, residents will have more robust access to CFLC’s Youth Build and Tech Savvy Seniors. Youth Build is a community development and pre-apprenticeship program for low-income youth that incorporates education, work, service and leadership development to empower young adults to transform their lives and their communities. The Tech Savvy Seniors program focuses on digital literacy training for older adults, equipping them with skills and confidence to access information and services online.

“The digital divide is a reality here on the North Shore, and the last year has shown us just how necessary technology is. This learning lab is not a luxury or an amenity, but it is essential for our students to succeed and thrive in school, and to be prepared for the jobs of tomorrow’s world,” said Councilmember Rose. “This lab will also reach our local seniors, who also increasingly rely on technology to access basic services. I thank Spectrum for recognizing the needs that exist here on the North Shore, and to Central Family Life Center for their longtime commitment to meeting local needs such as this. This investment will have ripple effects in the lives of the surrounding community for years.”

“I would like to thank Spectrum for their partnership with the Central Family Life Center. CFLC is a pillar in our community and continues to devote their efforts helping those who need it most,” said Assemblymember Fall. “As a champion for our youth, I am excited to see how a program like this will help benefit the youth and the families of the North Shore.”