Staten Island to receive a drive-through coronavirus testing facility: Cuomo

Photo via Flickr/governorandrewcuomo

Following the success of the coronavirus testing facility in New Rochelle, New York City will be one of three places that will get their own drive-through testing facility.

Governor Cuomo said during a Monday morning press conference that new testing facilities will be coming to Staten Island, Long Island and Rockland County.

“Staten Island does not have an abundance of hospitals, [it] is a community where people drive. Staten Island is an appropriate location for this,” said Cuomo. “I also think that Staten Island feels that it has not gotten the level of attention of health services that they need, and I believe that this will make a difference.”

With the inclusion of the New Rochelle testing facility, the number of tests that have been performed have increased exponentially, according to Cuomo. So far 7,066 tests have been performed on New Yorkers. 950 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus so far.

“It has worked very well – it’s safe for everyone,” said Cuomo. “The time that it takes to take the test is actually faster than we thought. We allotted 15 per car, and it’s actually running ahead of schedule. We want to replicate that because it’s just smart.”

At this time, it’s not immediately clear where the new testing facilities will be set up specifically.