New York City ranked among the most graceful cities in the United States

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We all know the fear of your phone landing with its screen facing down. If that happened to you not once, you will find lots of people who felt the same in New Orleans. According to the Asurion Clumsiest Cities in America Index, this city got first place among the most clumsy cities in America.  

Asurion did a study on how frequent people break their phones in different parts of the United States. New York itself is in third place, but…from the back of the list. So it can be confidently said that the Big Apple is one of the most graceful places in the US.

Their data reveals that cities with a high humidity, averagely more than 71.5% could lead to slipperiness and four out of ten cities got into the top ten list of “Clumsiest Cities”. 

They also claimed that places that are popular spring break destinations also have a tendency of becoming a bit sloppy and breaking their phones. It would be really hard to stay graceful throughout the Spring Break. 

Rainy places which have more than 100 rains per year also made the top of the list such as Grand Rapids, Raleigh and New Orleans. Water and technology are a bad mix, we all know it.  

And Asurion pushed a new abbreviation meaning to SEC “Screen Extra Cracked”. Over 50% out of their top 10 cities are in states with SEC schools. 

The “losers” of this list tend to have the most amount of museums in their cities such as Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. According to the data 40% of the 10 most graceful cities have a large population of people over 65 years old. Responsibility comes with age, even with technology.  

To see the full index chart please visit asurion.com.

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