New York Muslim groups denounce ISIS atrocities

Muslim organizations rallied hours before Obama speaks to the nation about ISIS.

City Muslim leaders condemned atrocities of the terrorist group ISIS from the steps of Greenwich Village’s Judson Memorial Church Wednesday afternoon.

Sunni and Shia leaders denounced the onslaught of violence in Iraq brought on by the terrorist group and insisted Islam is not a violent religion.

As Muslim New Yorkers, “we share the concern of all the New Yorkers about our security and we share a deep revulsion about what ISIS is doing for religion, which is false,” said Adem Carroll, board member of the Flushing Interfaith Council. “Even though we don’t live in Iraq, people have family members there,” he added. “

The gathering came hours before President Barack Obama was to give a speech explaining what action the U.S. plans to take against ISIS.

Dalia Mahmoud of the Muslim Public Affairs Council added that it also serves as a reminder that everyone needs to stand together in times of strife and support the president in his position in order to thwart any terrorist act.

“We just need to understand our neighbors and to be open to continuing to live with the principles of diversity and peace and justice,” said Mahmoud. “As long as we do that, we remain strong as a nation and able to counter any kind of threat.”

Many of the leaders expressed concern over anti Muslim bigotry in New York and insisted that the only way to peace is through dialogue.

“We want to be able to also be proactive and build a safer world and a more just and peaceful world,” said Carroll.

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