Warmer temps expected for mostly clear, sunny weekend, National Weather Service says

Once thunderstorms pass Wednesday, the sun should shine the rest of the week.

New Yorkers are expected to feel the heat again following a week of cooled-down temperatures and thunderstorms. 

An overcast Wednesday will make way for a mostly clear and sunny weekend, the National Weather Service says.

While there’s still a 50% chance showers and thunderstorms will interrupt your afternoon and evening plans Wednesday, the NWS predicts the days following the storm will see a gradual warm-up.

Temperatures in the city are predicted to reach a high of 81 Wednesday, followed by highs of 82 on Friday, 85 on Saturday and 89 on Sunday, according to the National Weather Service.

New Yorkers can expect a mostly sunny weekend, with a low, 20% chance of showers daily. 

The city saw lows of 70 degrees this week, with thunderstorms putting a damper on the welcome weather.

NWS meteorologist Carlie Buccola says the temps are to be expected as we approach the autumn season. 

“The normal high is around 83 degrees with a low of 69 degrees — so this is right around the normal temperatures for this time of year,” Buccola explains.