Severe storms predicted for Tuesday; could be the hottest day of the year so far

New York City is officially here.

Severe storms and temperatures that could climb as high as the low 90s are predicted for Tuesday, the National Weather Service said.

If temperatures go as high as predicted, Tuesday will be the hottest day of the year. The hottest day of the year so far is June 11, when the temperature hit 89 in Central Park.

While tornadoes are not likely to hit NYC, National Weather Service meteorologist Carlie Buccola said one to two inches of hail could fall in Central Park.

The Department of Buildings issued a warning on Tuesday morning for “inclement weather,” and said random spot-checks will be performed. Stop Word Order may be issued if construction sites and buildings are not secured from the wind.

Temperatures will be hot and humid, but the clouds will prevent the temperatures from climbing above the low 90s, Buccola said.

So far, June’s weather has been right around the national average for both temperature and rainfall.