P.S. 11 students in Woodside to be relocated

Woodside’s real estate market, which is heating up due to an influx of new residents, is affecting the neighborhood’s schools.

The local elementary school, P.S. 11, is getting so overcrowded that the Department of Education has plans to temporarily relocate roughly hundreds of students to other schools such as P.S. 171 in Astoria via bus while their school is under an expansion construction. The kids will be moved back to P.S. 11 when construction is finished, according to the DOE.

While the proposal awaits a Panel for Educational Policy vote, some P.S. 11 parents aren’t too keen on the plan, and local government representatives held a press conference last month to address their concerns.

Martin Connolly is among the parents pushing for a different solution, arguing that kids should not be moved around like pawns.

“We like sending our kids to P.S. 11,” he said. “We are just looking for the best quality of education for our kids.”