Photo flashback, Yiddish, too, at Eldridge Street anniversary


On Dec. 14, the Museum at Eldridge Street celebrated the one-year anniversary of the restoration of the Eldridge Street Synagogue. The synagogue, which opened in 1887, sat in disrepair for years until a restoration project was started in the late 1980s, reaching completion last year. The celebration included a family reunion and portrait of family members of original congregants, as well as Yiddish lessons and the chance to take an early-20th-century citizenship test. Participants could have their photos taken dressed in the style garb of early congregants. Above right, East Village photographer Harvey Wang took a photo of Fran Manushkin, who dressed like her mother in a Persian lamb vest. Wang then printed out the image in a sepia cast so it looked like it was shot more than 100 years ago. Above left, the restored sanctuary drew many visitors on Sun., Dec. 14.