A pizza bagel ‘meet cute’ for National Pizza Day

A classic bagel meets a spicy pizza – and we get the best of both worlds. 

The NYC bagel institution, H&H Bagels, teams up with Emmett’s Chicago-style pizzeria to create a nostalgic combo in celebration of National Pizza Day. 

Despite their different styles – from H&H’s classic New York bagels to Emmett’s deep-dish pies – Jay Rushin, Chief Executive Officer at H&H, says the mash-up was a “no brainer.”

“This partnership is a fun twist on a nostalgic classic, showcasing the versatility of our bagels.” 

This remix of a childhood favorite comes with some spice. Starting with fresh tomato sauce and mozzarella; this pizza bagel is topped with pepperonis, jalapenos, and Mike’s Hot Honey. The toppings are an homage to Emmett’s spicy “Hot Girl” pie.

Emmett Burke, the owner of the pizzeria shared, “It’s a thrill to experiment with new ways to make our signature pie and to execute this with a partner that mirrors our ethos of pairing tradition and quality ingredients to create a final dish [that] is as delicious as it is memorable.” 

National Pizza Day only comes once a year and these limited-edition pizza bagels will only be available from Friday, February 9, through Sunday, February 11. Exclusively found at H&H Bagels, Upper East Side and Upper West Side locations. Get them while they’re hot.