Pokémon Go players in NYC warned to pay attention

The Department of Motor Vehicles wants to remind you to leave your “Pokémon Go” playing for when you’re not behind the wheel.

The free app, released July 6, allows users to “catch” Pokémon characters, who can and do pop up in vehicles. And, per a news release from the DMV and Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, that has translated to, “reports from around the country and across multiple social media platforms of users playing ‘Pokémon Go’ while they are driving or crossing the street.”

Terri Egan, DMV executive deputy commissioner and GTSC acting chair, warned of the consequenes of distracted driving. “What is meant to be a fun game can have tragic real-world consequences if you’re playing it while driving or crossing the street. Simply put, catching virtual creatures to get to the next level is not worth risking your life or the lives of others,” Egan said in the statement.

The MTA and NYPD also gave “Pokémon Go” players friendly reminders Monday to still pay attention to their surroundings while trying to catch ’em all.

“Hey #PokemonGO players, we know you gotta catch ’em all, but stay behind that yellow line when in the subway,” the MTA tweeted Monday evening.

Earlier in the day, the NYPD’s 19th Precinct gave a similar warning.

“Yeah we know Charizard is rare but don’t let Officer Monello & his new partner catch you! Don’t #CatchEmAll & drive!,” the precinct tweeted