Police arrested wrong guy in ATV dragging

Cops are ramping up the hunt for the real perpetrator.

They got the wrong guy.

A 23-year-old ATV driver who was arrested for allegedly dragging a cop 190 feet has been cleared and cops are ramping up the hunt for the real perpetrator.

When police went on the hunt Sunday for an ATV driver who dragged a cop 190 feet down an avenue in Cypress Hills, nearly killing him, they spotted Christian Oliviere, 23, driving his yellow four-wheeler recklessly nearby. They pursued him and found him a few hours later, sleeping in the mechanical elevator of a body shop.

But they were wrong about Oliviere. After interviewing him and reviewing surveillance video, cops determined that the real perpetrator is still on the loose.”What are the chances of two reckless ATV drivers riding in the same precinct at the same time?” NYPD Lt. John Tennant of the 75th Precinct said Tuesday.

On Tuesday, police put out a sketch and a blurry camera still of the suspect, showing him in a black helmet with pictures of skulls on it. They’re offering a $12,000 reward for information that leads to his arrest.

When they find him, he’ll likely be charged with attempted murder of a police officer, among other crimes. It’s illegal to drive an ATV on the street.

When two cops pulled him over, he sped off with one of the officers still clinging to the handlebars. The officer went to a nearby hospital with several injuries, including broken vertebrae and a broken nose.

Oliviere isn’t entirely off the hook, Tennant says. He’s still busted for driving recklessly on an ATV.

BEN WOLFORD/Special to amNewYork