Police blotter: An attempted robbery, a Juul thief and a missing parking placard

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19th Precinct:

Doting and Dollarless
An Upper East Side grandmother was swindled out of $60,000 by someone pretending to be a lawyer helping her grandson, police say.

According to the NYPD, the 88-year-old received a phone call from someone pretending to be her grandson on Nov. 2. The impostor urged the woman to speak with his attorney, “Walter Becker,” about a pending criminal case.

Later that day, the lawyer called the worried grandmother and asked for $33,600 in order to reverse or dissolve criminal charges placed on her grandson. The grandmother agreed and Becker sent a courier to her 87th Street residence to collect the funds, police said.

The grandmother was contacted for a third time later that Saturday by someone identifying themselves as “Judge Sessions” who requested an additional $30,000 in order to pay her grandson’s rehab and medical expenses. Again the woman agreed to pay, and a second courier was sent to her home to collect the money, police said.

The next day, the woman contacted officers to report that she had fallen victim to a scam, police said. Authorities are investigating the incident.


Not ‘Good’
A man was arrested for trying to rob a bodega at 1391 Second Avenue and East 73rd Street was arrested on Saturday, Nov. 2.
At about 12:40 p.m., 42-year-old Taylor Livingston entered the store with his hands inside his jacket pockets as if he was concealing a weapon, according to police.
Livingston then approached a 20-year-old cashier and said “give me what you have in the register,” police said.
The employee threatened to call the authorities to which Livingston replied, “that won’t be good for you,” authorities said.
After making the remark, Livingston fled the bodega empty-handed and was arrested by officers shortly after near FDR Drive and East 96th Street.
An ‘aggressive’ ask
A man panhandling outside of Korean Express at 807 Lexington Ave. punched an employee on Monday, Nov. 3.
According to police, at 3:44 p.m. a 23-year-old walked into the restaurant to ask patrons for money. A store employee asked the person to leave the restaurant to which they replied, “Why are you asking me so aggressive?”
The panhandler then punched the employee, cutting them on the right side of the face, police said. Officers from the 19th precinct arrested the person who was then charged with a misdemeanor assault.
Eight-minute theft
Numero 28, a restaurant located at 1431 First Ave., was burglarized early morning Sunday, Nov. 3 at around 1:40 a.m.
According to police, a surveillance video shows an individual wearing white sneakers, a red hat and blue jeans entering the location for approximately eight minutes and removing a cash register containing $2,111 before fleeing southbound on First Avenue.
20th precinct:

“Please don’t arrest me”

A man was arrested for attempting to steal a locked bike on Sunday, Nov. 3. at the corner of Columbus and West 83rd Street.

The almost-bicycle thief, 47-year-old Julio Espinosa, had a power tool in his hands when officers found him next to the Van Moof bicycle worth $ 1,998.

Before being arrested Espinosa told officers “I need the money for this bike, please don’t arrest me.” Officers arrested Espinosa and charged with a felony grand larceny.


‘I Got Your Money’

A woman’s neighbor stole $900 from her purse on Oct. 28, according to police.

At about 3 p.m., a 66-year-old woman returned her neighbor’s house at 489 Amsterdam Ave., to get her bag, which she forgot during a social visit. She was greeted by her neighbor’s 23-year-old son, Carlos Garcia, who immediately confessed, “I got your money but it’s gone,” police said.

Garcia returned her bag sans the $900 inside it, police said. The incident is under investigation.


Park and Permit

Police are looking for a disability parking permit that went missing from a parked car late last month.

According to police, a 66-year-old Bronx woman parked her car inside a garage at 290 West 60th St. with the disabled parking permit inside. When she checked the car at 10:30 a.m. on Oct. 26, the permit was nowhere to be found. Police said that there were no signs of damage to the vehicle.


Juul Thief

Three men stole two boxes of Juul vaporizer pens from an Upper West Side convenience store on Halloween.

According to police, the three men dressed in black and gray entered the store, Jubilee Convenience at 2265 Broadway, at around 9 p.m, on Oct. 31 and took off with the boxes.

According to police, surveillance cameras at the location were not working the night of the incident and no arrests have been made.