Police Blotter, Week of Sept. 12, 2013

A screen grab from a surveillance video provided by police, showing the alleged attempted-rape suspect inside the E. Sixth St. building on Dec. 28.

Grand Larceny:
Thief cites lack of lock
A two-wheeled terror let the air out of his defense — by declaring, “I did take the bike. It wasn’t locked up.” That was the admission, and vexing rationale, given by a 32-year-old male who was arrested at 2:30pm on Tues., Sept. 3. He was caught on W. 16th St., riding a bike he’d stolen from in front of a Rite Aid (282 Eighth Ave., at 24th St.). A 33-year-old male was brought to the 10th Precinct — where he identified the stolen bicycle (valued at $1,000) as his property. One of the arresting officers, who tracked down the thief riding the bike based on a description from the victim, recovered one glassine envelope of methamphetamine from the defendant.

Assault: Fast food fellow felled
He came for a meal, but got served before he could sit down to eat. At 11:30pm on Sun., Aug. 31, a firm clip from a closed fist was on the menu — when a 26-year-old man was hit from behind, as he engaged in a verbal altercation with the manager of a McDonald’s (at 427 10th Ave., at 34th St.). The sassy Sag Harbor resident, who told police he did not see his assailant, remarked that the blow to his head was so hard, it caused him to be uneasy on his feet.

Assault: Struck after clubbing
A 22-year-old Brooklyn resident was taken to Bellevue Hospital, for treatment to injuries sustained when she was hit over the head with a bottle. The incident took place in the West 30s, at around 5am on Sat., Aug. 31. That’s where the woman, accompanied by her boyfriend and a group of friends, went after they exited Marquee nightclub (289 10th Ave., btw. 26th & 27th Sts.) at 4:20am. Following the altercation, the woman and her boyfriend went to a residence in the East 20s. That’s when officers from the 10th Precinct became involved — transferring the victim and her boyfriend to Bellevue, and taking a description of the man identified as the assailant (an acquaintance of the victim). Officers responded to the apartment of the possible perp, but nobody answered the door.

Theft of Services: Cash-strapped barfly put on ice
Hey, buddy — this is no greasy spoon truck stop joint. Present empty pockets when the bill comes due, and you’ll be playing harmonica in the clink — not washing dishes until you’ve earned your keep. That’s the way they roll at 1 Oak (453 W. 17th St., btw. 9th & 10th Aves.). A 32-year-old man was arrested there, around 11pm on Sun., Sept. 1, when he was unable to pay.

Lost Property: Luggage didn’t make the trip
A Ralph Loren suitcase (valued at $210) containing almost $3,700 in personal effects was nowhere to be found, when a 60-year-old Queens resident (and Megabus passenger) arrived at W. 27th St. & Seventh Ave. at 11:45am on Mon., Aug. 26. The woman — who told police she loaded the luggage onto the bus upon departing Providence, RI — noted that it was nowhere to be found when departing passengers lined up to claim their belongings from the belly of the bus. After speaking with the driver, the victim believes another passenger took her luggage. Among the contents: Anne Klein and Skagen watches valued at $175, shoes and sandals worth $550, a pair of $1,200 Cartier prescription reading glasses and assorted pants (from Macy’s) worth $340.

DWI: Literally asleep at the wheel
A 23-year-old female was arrested, when police observed her asleep at the wheel of her red 2010 Nissan four-door sedan at 8:25am on Sun., Sept. 1. The arrest stemmed not so much from her driver’s side nap, as the fact that said sleepytime was taking place while the vehicle was sitting still, in a moving lane of traffic. Asked if she’d been drinking, she responded, “Yes.” A field test reveled the defendant’s blood alcohol level to be .09 (.08 is the minimum for a driving while intoxicated charge).

—Scott Stiffler