PRIMARY RESULTS: Latimer beats Bowman; Goldman and AOC fend off challengers

Primary voter with dog
A person casts their vote, with a dog sitting beside them, at the Bernie Wohl Center on the Upper West Side on June 25, 2024.
Photo by Dean Moses

The polls have closed, and the counting has started in Tuesday’s all-important primary election for Congressional and state legislative seats.

Dozens of legislative races were on the primary day ballot, but all eyes are on the 16th Congressional District Democratic primary pitting progressive incumbent Congress Member Jamaal Bowman against moderate Westchester County Executive George Latimer. The 16th District covers a portion of the Bronx and much of Westchester County.

Latimer was declared the projected winner by the Associated Press about 38 minutes after the polls closed, with an overwhelming turnout in Westchester County seemingly propelling him to victory over the incumbent Bowman.

For weeks, Bowman and Latimer have been duking it out on the debate stage and in a bombardment of television ads, with a fervor normally reserved for general election races between Democrats and Republicans. Some of the biggest issues in that contest have centered on Bowman’s record in Congress, including his stance on the ongoing Israel-Hamas war in Gaza.

Democrats in the city are also deciding a number of Assembly nominees in Tuesday’s primary. Three big races are in Manhattan, including the 68th Assembly District race, where incumbent Assembly Member Eddie Gibbs faces a stiff challenge from three candidates.

Western Queens voters are also focused on the 37th Assembly District race where embattled incumbent Assembly Member Juan Ardila, previously accused of sexual harassment, is looking to fend off two challengers.

And in Brooklyn’s 41st Assembly District, Democrats there will be looking for a candidate to succeed the retiring Helen Weinstein, who has held the seat since 1980. City Council Member Kalman Yeger and Adam Dweck are squaring off for the right to succeed Weinstein as the party standard-bearer in the district.

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Key race results

All results are unofficial. Except for the 16th Congressional District race, all vote totals are from the New York City Board of Elections (the 16th District numbers come from the state Board of Elections, which refer to districts, not scanners, reporting) and reflect the total Primary Day and early voting votes. They do not yet include absentee and mail-in ballot votes cast; those votes will be counted next week. 

Projected winners in each contest are denoted with a checkmark (√) next to their name. 


10th District (Brooklyn/Queens) (98.99% scanners reported)

√-Dan Goldman (i) 65.01% (22,708)
Bruno Grandsard 10.3% (3,599)
Evan Hutchison 23.11% (8,073)

14th District (Bronx/Queens) (97.25% scanners reported)

√-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (i) 81.79% (19,070)
Martin Dolan  17.8% (4,149)

16th District (Bronx/Westchester) (88% precincts reported)

Jamaal Bowman (i)

41.6% (31,555)

√-George Latimer 58.4% (44,371)

Manhattan Assembly

68th District (98.77% scanners reported)

√-Eddie Gibbs (i) 42.53% (2,339)
Tamika Mapp 16.87% (928)
William Smith 6.44% (354)
Xavier Santiago 33.6% (1,848)

69th District (98.75% scanners reported)

√-Micah Lasher 52.82% (6,996)
Carmen Quinones 5.8% (768)
Eli Northup 34.28% (4,540)
Melissa Rosenberg 4.8% (636)
Jack Kellner 2.04% (270)

70th District (98.89% scanners reported)

Maria Ordonez 29.68% (2,491)
√-Jordan Wright 48.27% (4,051)
Shana Harmongoff 16.81% (1,411)
Craig Schley 4.93% (414)

71st District (99% scanners reported)

√-Al Taylor (i) 70.81% (4,318)
Julien Segura 28.34% (1,728)

72nd District (93.51% scanners reported)

√-Manny De Los Santos (i) 79.83% (2,746)
Francesca Castellanos 18.81% (647)