Probe continues after three boats are burned at Brooklyn dock

Three boats were destroyed in their dock in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn by a fast moving fire. (Photo by Bruce Cotler)

Three large boats were destroyed Friday morning in Brooklyn when a fire broke out on one of the three and quickly spread to the others, fire officials said.

Two people were injured trying to escape from the fire, but their injuries were considered minor. Two firefighters were also treated for minor injuries.

The fire broke out shortly after 11 am. at the Brooklyn Yacht Club on Knapp Street and Avenue Z in Sheepshead Bay. Fire officials say a fire aboard a boat spread to two others next to each other, sending smoke and flames into the air.

Firefighters converged on the blaze, from all sides, a fireboat pulling into the Gerritsen Beach channel with their deck gun. The smoke-eaters also used “Purple-K,” a chemical typically used to extinguish fuel and electrical transformer fires.

The smoke and flames could be seen for miles, witnesses said.

When the smoked cleared, all three boats had been reduced to nothing more than empty, charred hulls in the water. One of them sank in its dockage.

Fire marshals are continuing their investigation.

Multiple Boats go up in a blaze in a Sheepshead Bay Boat Marina. Special units were called in to extinguish boats that were engulfed in flames, smoke could be seen for miles as boats burned and at least one capsized while it was moored in it’s dock space. (Photo by Bruce Cotler)