NYC weather: Relief is on the way as temps, humidly slowly drop

Temperatures in New York City will begin to cool down after the weekend's heat wave, meterologist Brian Edwards said.
Temperatures in New York City will begin to cool down after the weekend’s heat wave, meterologist Brian Edwards said. Photo Credit: EA Sports

Relief is on the way!

Even though temps could reach 91 degrees Monday, “the humidity will come down,” making what has felt like 110 degrees the past few days feel like no more than 100, promised Accuweather meteorologist Brian Edwards.

The “dew point” or measure of atmospheric moisture has been at stunningly high levels for the past four days (JFK had a dew point of 80 Saturday), and overnight lows have also been much higher than normal.

A heat advisory was issued for Monday from noon to 8 p.m. by the National Weather Service.

But “we’re going to drop closer to normal Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with temps in the mid 80s,” with a lower dew point as well, Edwards said.

Expect some thunderstorms Tuesday afternoon or evening, Edwards said.

Temps should be in the 80s by Thursday and Friday with a drop of 10 points or so in the dew point.

Record weekend power demands resulted in electrical outages throughout the city this weekend.

An outage in Bayside on Sunday afternoon left more than 1,700 homes without service. Most power had been restored elsewhere.

While all customers are requested to use energy wisely, those in Central Queens are especially urged to do so, as voltage reductions are in force in some neighborhoods there.

“We need the system to cool down so we can make the necessary repairs,” to restore service, explained Con Ed spokesman Alfonso Quiroz.